As a young child, I always dreamed of being a movie star. (Well ok, secretly I still dream of that, but...) Unfortunately, there was nowhere close by for me to pursue that dream and have that creative outlet. Finally, a dedicated group saw the need for that outlet here in our county and Arts! Oglethorpe was born.

I first became involved in Arts! Oglethorpe in 1996, during "Fiddler on the Roof”. Although my part was small, (I was a narrator) I became hooked on acting. I finally had a place to go and hone my acting skills.

            After a one-year hiatus I returned, this time as a stepsister in Cinderella. Although I was in the role of an evil stepsister, I felt like a living, breathing Cinderella. I had found a place where I could interact with people with my same passion; a place where I was able to leave my problems behind and take role of whomever I chose. I had the opportunity to show my talent to people who actually enjoyed seeing me, a simple little girl do what I loved.

Since becoming involved with this organization I have pursued drama with a vengeance. Arts!O really expanded my view of what I could achieve and encouraged me to always go for my dreams. This program improved my speaking skills, taught me to become more self-structured and has given me a place to come and practice my skills as an actress. It also helps keep me focused so that I can prepare myself for the fall and a competitive drama class.

            I cannot envision my life without being active in some form of drama. Without it, my life is void of true happiness. The adrenaline rush alone is better than any drug known to man. But without Arts!Oglethorpe I might have never realized my passion and been able to pursue my dream. Thank you for that amazing opportunity. This organization is very dear to my heart and I only hope that it will continue to grow in number and in talent.

Constance Saxon
2002 Essay Winner