Crawford School Restoration

Once complete, the Crawford School will house a 200-seat, 3,200 sq. ft. auditorium, a 1,400 sq. ft. meeting room/performance space, two dressing rooms, a kitchen and a set shop.

Phase I - Reopen the Doors

Creates a public performance space usable for productions (seating 85), meetings, rehearsals and art shows.  This space will be used for productions until the second floor auditorium is completed.

Repair and repoint all masonry (COMPLETE)

Restore first floor windows

HVAC, wiring and plumbing

Repair second floor support structure

Update right side for full use multi-purpose room with movable stage (First Floor Plans

Phase II - First Floor

Completes the first floor for A!O and rental uses. Prepares the way for the renovation of auditorium.

Repair floor structure - left side

Rebuild twin staircases to second floor auditorium

Dressing rooms and office

Kitchen for our dinner theatre and rental use

Restore second floor windows

Phase III - Curtain Up

Restore second floor stage and auditorium with seating for 200.

Enlarge stage to provide set space and wings

Expand back staircase to meet fire codes and accessibility

Stair chair* for handicap accessibility

Installation of seating

Sound, lighting and curtains

Second Floor Plans

*Long range plans include an elevator and restrooms for the second floor.

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