The Front Entryway Revealed

The front steps to the schoolhouse were crumbling poured 
concrete with salvage granite "steps" and poorly constructed
concrete ramps.  Somewhere under the rubble lay the original
granite steps in excellent condition.  Arnall and his excavator
brought them back to light.

Arnall Brooks arrived with his excavator.  The granite posts which had followed the driveway years ago were carefully removed from the entrance in hopes of using them in the future.

The disintegrating, poured concrete ramps and landing were not match for the excavator.

Under the poured concrete, Arnall found and additional cement ramp which had to be removed with a wet saw and lots of manual labor to carefully expose the original granite steps. 

Arnall hauled off the rubble leaving Arts!Oglethorpe with a beautiful, original entry to the building.

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