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OCHS Jazz Band Concert
February  2007
A Midsummer Nigh'ts Dream
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Guys and Dolls
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Banish Misfortune
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Opal's Million Dollar Duck
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Romeo & Juliet
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The Music Man
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Marriage Can Be Murder
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The Importance of Being Earnest
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Once on This Island
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Southern Fried Murder
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Community Art Show
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Babes in Arms
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Man of La Mancha
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Everything I Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten
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You're A Good Man
Charlie Brown
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The Boyfriend
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The Music Man
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The Fantasticks


2004 Dinner Theatre

The Sheriff (Sam Hopkins) looks on as (Ryan Young) discovers his
mother murdered with her own cane.

Nolie Frost (Bly Beach) finds a clue

Stump Slatterly (Constance Saxon)
never met a man she didn't like.

About the show...

The not-so-beloved matriarch of the Capote clan has been murdered at dinner before the entrée could even be served!  Who done it?  Could the guilty party be one of her five grandchildren? 

The twins, Stump and Will Slatterly (Constance Saxon and Tommie Worrel), aren’t the brightest combination, but you can’t write them off completely.  Granny Mag (Ryan Young) was none too pleased when their mother married a sharecropper. Will wrestles alligators for a living so he’s no stranger to danger!

And then there’s Maggie St. Lawrence (Mamie Fike Simonds) – you have heard of Ms. St. Lawrence, haven’t you?  She used to be a Broadway star.  Grandmother’s refusal to give her the money to relaunch her career might have pushed her to the limit.  Of course, her cousin Magnolia Woods (Mary Beth Weber) could also be to blame.  Her recent disastrous affair and the failure of her modeling career has left her in a rather unstable condition.

No one has seen much of the bitter recluse, Nolie Frost (Bly Beach) lately. She retreated to her moldering mansion at Cypress Acres when her Grandmother Magnolia drove her lover, John Layhew, away.  Plenty of motive there, too!

And then there’s always her beloved son, Louisiana Capote (also played by Ryan Young).  Things may not have been as amicable between mother and son as we have been lead to believe.

The family lawyer, Ben Parker (Steven Thiel), might have more information than he is willing to share with the family.  After all, he drew up Magnolia Capote’s will and was trusted with all her legal affairs.  But… can you ever really trust a lawyer?

Never fear, Sheriff AJ Watkins (Sam Hopkins) will do his darndest to solve the crime – unless he gets too caught up in trying to find the half-million dollar prize before the rest of the family dinner guests.

That’s right!  Before her untimely death, Mrs. Capote has hidden the clues to a $500,000 prize in the Towering Oaks Hotel (The Crawford Depot).  Come join in the fun as the Capote clan and friends show their true colors searching for the money – and the killer!

Leslie Shaw Card directing.